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How To Choose The Floor Level When Buying The Condo


Condo are offered in different development heights from low-rise to high-rise, but deciding on the type of condo you want to invest in will still be a matter of choosing the right floor location inside the condo building.

In the event that you have considered prequalifications, such as the location, brand, amenities and many other aspects it isn't easy to find the right floor for condo investment. These are the main factors to consider before you choose the best floor for you.

Select the Floor with the best view. If you'd like to take in the most stunning view possible of the city, green and lush landscapes as well as the cerulean seas or any other view that you would like to take in every day from your balcony or from your window, you will need to pick the floor with the most stunning view.

If you're planning to buy a home in the metro area, the chances of finding an apartment with a stunning view may be reduced due to the high number of structures within the condo radius. But if there is a slight chance of getting an excellent view of the surrounding landscape, then you should consider buying from the top floors.

In case you did not get the chance, you could be thinking about the suitable option of having a condo unit with a view of the amenity space, which you can observe if it developed in an open area rather than having the amenities situated in a floor of the building.

Find out the cost of each floor

The price of the Piccadilly Grand floor plan unit can be dependent on the location and the level of the unit that is for sale. The most desirable condos with the nicest view are generally the most expensive unit.

When you are looking for the lowest priced condo, you could look at condos that are located on the lowest floors. Although prices may vary based on specific factors like whether condos with the lowest prices are close to facilities or other amenities It is more likely that they will be high-quality.

However it is possible that the price of condos located on upper floors could also increase as you go higher especially with new developments in condos.

Pick the Ease of Access

If the elevator or stair traffic is among the few concerns, you're looking at when you opt to invest or buy a condo unit and lower-end condos will be the most suitable for you. Condo units at the lowest levels are typically the most affordable. It is also a common practice.

Condos on the first or third floors are great for elderly people and persons who are disabled. If elevators are not working the building will not be a problem to get out from the property.

Find the Direction the Unit is Facing

Yes, we're still talking about the right Piccadilly Grand floor number here but a few investors are also considering which direction the unit in the condo facing. If you are a fan of good lighting and would like to wake up each morning with plenty of light, the most suitable floor for you is one that has the middle or higher floor that lets the sun be reflected. This won't happen in the case of condo units that face west.

This can be a common scenario when you're paying attention to feng Shui, in which directions can bring either good or bad luck. Floor numbers in the country aren't just a reflection on the direction but can also show how builders believe that numbers can bring luck. This is why the majority of buildings do not have floors 13.