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Establishing the State of mind: Exactly How to Pick Room Wall Surface Art and Wall Surface Style


In your room, you have your personal oasis. A place to relax let loose and relax, and to enjoy your favorite things during the night. This is the reason when it comes to redecorating a bedroom picking the decor and color schemes are equally important parts of creating your private space.

Do you want your bedroom to feel calm, comforting or tranquil? Are you looking to inject a bit in a fun or romantic atmosphere? Whatever the case, the appropriate colours, accents on your decor or choosing the right art size above bed can make all the difference.

Bedroom wall decor plays a significant role in creating or keeping the mood of the bedroom. That's why it's essential to consider what you're planning to put on the wall.

Selecting artwork for the bedroom is quite different from choosing art for other rooms in the house. This is due to what ought to be obvious reasons.

For instance, the way you use your bedroom is completely different from how we usually use our living room. Or a den. Or or a kitchen. The list goes on! Bedrooms as you can guess focus on the activities happening in, and in the vicinity of.

Sleep is the top activity that takes place in the bedroom, however it's not alone. Without getting into detail I'll just note that what you do while in a room isn't the same as what is happening in the kitchen. Rarely.

choosing the right art size above bed aids in setting the overall mood that you want to set for the room. This can be a serene space to escape to following a long, tough day. A romantic, loving nest usually made for romantic couples. Or the quaint and playful innocence of a child's bedroom. It's impossible to even touch about the aesthetics for bedrooms for teens because there's not much potential.

In most instances, art should be picked with the aim that it is pleasing to the eye and aiding in the process of settling the mind to a more peaceful state. This is the reason why large, colorful, stimulating artworks may not be ideal for the bedroom. But it does depend. It always depends.

Setting the Right Mood by putting up Bedroom Wall Art

The design, size, color and design of the bedroom artwork you select directly correlates to the mood you're hoping to establish in that space.

Bedroom decor most often centers on one of three major themes:


A serene bedroom in blue is accentuated with a simple but effective semicolon. This symbolism is that you will take a long time before continuing.

The idea of your bedroom being a tranquil retreat is a matter of careful consideration about the colours, artwork bedding, linens, as well as other decor accents.

Traditional art pieces for bedrooms that are tranquil include landscapes, scenes from the garden, botanical pictures, and ocean views. Yet, simple pieces of art can also be used. These kinds of pictures convey the feeling of peace and calm that is often desired in spaces that are devoted to sleeping and relax.


In this lavish bedroom designed from Duncan Hughes Interiors, passion is expressed through the use of colors and the use of textiles.

To create a sense that is passionate in the bedroom can be helped by choosing the right piece of artwork. Artwork with deep, rich reds or more sexually charged (but not too raunchy) portraits can help in creating an appropriate mood for the bedroom for lovers.

It's important to stay classy particularly if your bedroom is visible to guests who are making frequent trips into the bathroom. However, it's simpler to take on more risky aesthetics in order to achieve a particular mood in the private privacy of your bedroom.


The beautiful forest that is created over the Daybed helps create a very attractive and stylish look. It's so much fun!

Although most often associated with children's bedrooms an enjoyable feeling in a room usually revolves around adorable, fun colours and characters that bring back the innocence of youth.


This bedroom with a coastal feel has an exquisitely themed photograph which really sets the tone for this room.

The concept is similar, however with slight variations, the concept of Escape in the bedroom is to create the bedroom an entirely different "world" where you are able to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Wall art for bedrooms with an escape-centric theme often includes photographs of scenic landscapes or Underground Canvas art that has the distinct view of being away from the chaos.

Whatever mood you wish to convey, ensure you pick the right piece of canvas art to convey that mood and take care not to pick things that will contradict that mood no matter how amazing you consider them to be.

These guidelines get even blurrier when bedrooms serve multiple purposes. A bedroom that is also used as a place to work will require a different style of mood that changes from day to night.

Then, choose what mood you'd like make your bedroom feel and follow that decision as a guide to assist you in choosing artwork for your bedroom that can tell that story.